About the link building ebook project

Writing a book has been an ambition of mine for quite a while. After some help and advice from Rand and Andrew at SEOmoz, along with feedback from lots of the SEO community, I've decided to publish it as an ebook.

I actually intended to release this ebook at MozCon back in July but life was far too busy and the scope of the ebook just kept growing and growing. This meant it had to go on the back burner for a while but my time in New Zealand has allowed me to focus on it properly and complete it. It has certainly ended up a lot bigger than I expected but that's probably a good thing!

About Paddy

I'm the co-founder of Aira, a digital marketing agency based in Milton Keynes, UK. I've worked full-time as an SEO since 2007 and learnt SEO in my spare time whilst studying law at Coventry University around 2004. Other places where I write include my personal SEO and link building blog, Moz, Distilled and State of Search. If you'd like to contact me, you can email me here.