With thanks to...

I've had a lot of help from some awesome people to make this eBook happen, I wanted to say thank you to them.

Shelli Walsh - some of the diagrams you see in the eBook as well as on this website were designed by Shelli. She was also kind enough to give me some great feedback on the content which led to a number of improvements.

Charlie Pabst - the design of the book itself along with the cover is the fine work of Charlie. He was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process and a genuinely nice guy.

Ryan Willard - Ryan helped make sure that my grammar, spelling and punctuation were up to scratch. These things have never been my strongest skills so I appreciated your help!

I also had help from lots of friends who took time out to help me with encouragement, ideas, feedback and sharing techniques with me. Thank you to Danny Denhard, Paul May, James Agate, Paul Madden, Marcus Taylor, Shaad Hamid and Ryan Gibson.

When writing the first edition of the book, I had the best team around me at Distilled who have helped me in so many ways in the last few years and I want to thank all of them. Particularly my old bosses Will and Duncan who let me go galavanting around the world on sabbatical which gave me the time I needed to get this book finished. I also wanted to call out the support of Phil who gave me some amazing feedback on the book which led to several changes and improvements.

In the early days of this idea, I was given some great help and encouragement from Rand and Andrew from Moz, if these guys hadn't been so enthusiastic about the idea, I may not be writing this!

Finally, thank you to my amazing girlfriend Ellie who has supported me on this project right from the start and helped in so many ways. I'm lucky to have a girlfriend who supports me and my work the way she does. Thank you Ellie.