Only First Link on a Page Passes Anchor Text? A Small Test

There have been numerous experiments to see whether or not two links on the same page to the same URL, both pass anchor text value to the linked to page.  In the true spirit of an SEO, I wanted to test this myself.

If you work in SEO, I’d highly encourage you to do your own testing. There are loads of great SEO blogs out there that give you great info, but you can’t beat doing your own thing and verifying what people say for yourself.


29th December 2010 this is how the link looked:

As you can see, very simple.  One text link saying “Andy J Davies” which linked to the URL:

This page did NOT rank  for this keyword before I put this link live.  It is actually a very new page and doesn’t rank much for anything.

After the link went live, that exact page started ranking 8th in for “andy j davies”:

What I did next –

I edited the blog post and inserted another link to the same page, but using different anchor text:

So both links are going to the same page.


So after a few weeks, the results changed.  Andy’s site stopped ranking for “andy j davies” and started ranking for “a test on SVG images” –

For me, this is pretty conclusive.  I know some may argue that this wasn’t that scientific.  But I’m happy with this outcome.

So I’ve just verified what others have said, but the bottom line is that you should be testing this stuff yourself.

2 thoughts on “Only First Link on a Page Passes Anchor Text? A Small Test”

  1. Some of your images are not displaying for me.

    Your test is interesting but it looks like you crossed the Panda Barrier (LOL — I know how stupid that sounds).

    What I mean is that we were more certain of what to expect prior to the release of the Google Panda Updates. In the wake of Panda, things seem to work differently.

    The whole argument has become insensible given that Google’s priorities have changed. I am sure there is still a most probable behavior but it doesn’t have to be the same most probable behavior as prior to Panda.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Yes I’ve recently switched blog themes and I’m playing catchup fixing some of the images!

      I guess I should have pointed out that this test was ran around Christmas 2010 which is quite a way pre-Panda, particularly here in the UK. So I’m not sure I agree that Panda will have affected this test.

      Panda has probably had more repercussions than the SEO industry realises right now, so I’d agree that things could have changed.

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