Use Buzzstream to Scale your Link Building

Firstly a quick bit of clarification – scaling link building != spam.

Sometimes it can be easy to see the words scale and link building together and immediately think the worst.  Sure, some link building on scale is spammy, but it doesn’t have to be and thats not what I’m talking about in this post.

What I want to talk about in this post is efficiently getting volume of links for your site.  This is probably a tip more for agency SEOs and work across multiple sites all the time, I’m going to talk about how to us various features of Buzzstream to do this.

The fact is that right now, sites still need volume of links in order to rank well in competitive industries, I personally think this will change very soon and Google will turn the dial down a bit (more on anchor text than volume I think), but right now, its what we need to do.  Of course, you need to combine volume link building with higher quality links too, so don’t neglect that side of things.

The type of links which I think are scalable which aren’t spammy include –

  • Quality directories
  • Quality content submission sites
  • Infographic submission sites
  • Ecommerce store submission sites
  • Local citation sites

I’d class these types of sites as easy win link targets, sure they are probably not going to get you to number 1 on their own.  But they do allow you to get several important parts of a good link profile –

  • Linking root domain diversity
  • Anchor text (branded and non-branded)
  • Volume of links

Now all that is a bit clearer and we know we aren’t talking about spammy links, let talk about getting them easily and on scale.

1. Collecting your list and organising

This is by far the hardest bit, but it is worth it.

You simply need to start collecting the sites where you can submit multiple clients, such as the ones pointed out above.  Here are a few to get you started –

Now an important bit – you need to use the Custom Fields feature within Buzzstream to classify your sites.  This will serve two purposes –

  1. Find types of links quickly and easily assign them to people
  2. Easily copy types of links to other Buzzstream projects (ie your other clients)

To edit and add Custom Fields, go to Settings > Customise Fields:

Under “Custom Fields for Link Partners”, you then want to click on “New Custom Field”:

You will then see these options, you can call the Custom Field whatever you want, in this example I’ve called it Link Type.  I’ve also chosen to have this field as a checkbox because sometimes a link may be classified as multiple link types:

I’ve put a couple of examples in the choices.  Click on Save.  Then when you next go to add a website to Buzzstream using the Buzzmarker, you’ll see some checkboxes which you can select.  Here is an example of how this may look once you have added a few options:


So now you can go through websites such as the ones I’ve linked to above and add them to Buzzstream.

A sidenote here, you can also do this in bulk by importing a spreadsheet into Buzzstream.

Once you have all your sites in Buzzstream, its time for Step 2.

2. Copying to other Projects

This is the bit that is most useful for agency SEOs working across multiple clients.  There are going to be times when you have clients who need volume of links as part of their link building campaign.  So having easy access to a list of quick wins for this will always be useful.

To do this, go into the project where all your links are currently kept and filter by the type of links you want to copy.  For example you may choose to filter by “Infographic Sites” if you are about to launch an infographic for another client.

Once you have filtered, select the checkbox on the left hand side to select all of the list.  Then click on Projects > Copy to Project:

From the dropdown menu, select the project you want to copy the links to then click ok:

Thats it!  So now you can switch over to your other project and you’ll have all the link targets copied over and ready to use.

3. Assign the links around your team

This is another bit that can allow you to scale this part of your link building.  You can even assign to external outsourcers if you set them up with a basic Buzzstream account.

To do this, select the link targets using the checkboxes on the left hand side, then go to Edit > Assigned to:

Then from the dropdown menu, just select the person within your team who you want to build these links:

Nice and easy.

Thats it for this post, let me know in the comments if you are using this or any other ways you are using Buzzstream to help with your link building.

5 thoughts on “Use Buzzstream to Scale your Link Building”

  1. Paddy,

    Great Post! One quick question when you say “Ecommerce store submission sites” are you talking about submitting your stores datafeed to sites like Shopzilla and other comparison shopping sites to get links or are you referring to something else?

  2. We’re constantly reviewing different cloud platforms and Buzzstream was one that we just recently discovered us in better management of seo programs. Your post addressed what I really needed to know – practical advice about configuring and using it within a campaign – Thanks.

  3. Really! I Impressed with you. Sounds just like a great and
    fantastic tools. It’s wonderful that you have the kind of technical
    skills required for a I need it of this things.Well thanks for sharing
    this informative post.

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