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Nick Eubanks,

Paddy's link building book is the most comprehensive collection of information, context, and real data that I have ever read on link building. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned link building expert, this book is required reading.

Mackenzie Fogelson,

Paddy's Link Building Book integrates history, theory, and practice to offer a compilation of simple ideas and actionable link building tips. As one of the best SEOs in the industry, Paddy offers trustworthy knowledge and years of first-hand experience that can be used to grow your business. Best of all, throughout the book, Paddy emphasizes the importance of the human element and authentically building relationships to make link building a success. I'd highly recommend Paddys book as a resource for building your business online and as required reading for your internal marketing team.

Julie Joyce

Paddy Moogan is a well-known link builder who works for Distilled. He's written an incredibly comprehensive link building e-book that's nicely priced at $37.

If you're new to link building, want to learn more, or just need to brush up (it is hard keeping up, you know) then this book is perfect for you.

Jaspal Sahota,

Paddy doesn't just talk about link building in the book, he lays out concrete examples from different industries to illustrate the approach. The guidance on outsourcing parts of the link building process is excellent.

Michael Cottam,

It's the A-Z bible of link-building. Enough foundational material here that I can give it to the most junior team member to get them up to speed, yet it's got depth and an array of specific techniques that it's useful to the most experienced link-builder.

Laust 'the SEO Nerd' Kehlet,

Paddy Moogan is able to illustrate with extreme clarity the essence of linkbuilding both when it comes the nature of the SEO business. It is one of these books that is read easily even though a lot of the content in the book is highly complex. Truly one of the best SEO books I have ever read - if it is not the best!

Dewaldt Huysamen,

All of the chapters were awesome and very useful and no matter how experience I am and know it was worth every penny.

Jesper Damtoft,

Paddy's link building book provides you with great workflows that leads to solid actions, great link building tactics and his personal point of views through real-life examples and years of first-hand experience. This is a must read no matter if your a beginner or expert.

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