Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Why this ebook exists
    • The state of link building in 2015
    • Who this ebook is for
    • How to use this ebook
  2. The Basics of Link Building
    • What do we mean by link building?
    • Why are links so important to SEO?
  3. The history of link building
    • SEOs and links: a match made in heaven? Or hell?
    • Historical Google Updates related to links
  4. What you need to know about Google PageRank
    • What is PageRank?
    • How does PageRank affect the work of SEOs?
    • How much should I care about PageRank?
    • PageRank sculpting
    • SOme backgrounds - Bringing order to the web: PageRank
    • THe role of anchor text
  5. The anatomy of a link - what makes a good (and bad) link
    • Links that are trusted
    • Links that are diverse
    • Links that are relevant
    • Elements of a page that may affect the quality of a link
    • Elements of a link that affect its quality
  6. Planning and executing a link building campaign
    • The sales process: selling a link building campaign
    • Kicking things off: questions to ask yourself or your client
    • Clarify the business goals and how link building will help reach these
    • Identify your assets, resources and USPs that help with link building
    • Run analysis on your existing link profile and competitors
    • How to analyze a link profile
    • The key link metrics to focus on
    • What a good link profile should look like
    • Identify the techniques you plan to use
    • Prioritize your techniques based on time and resources
    • Plan your activity over the next few months
    • Prepare or create your link building asset
    • Broader principles of sticky content
    • Content types
    • Find link targets and prioritize
    • Finding contact details
    • Conduct outreach
    • Following up
    • Reporting on link building campaign and learning how to improve
  7. Link building with images - Guest Chapter by Alec Bertram
    • The basic process for link building with images
    • Common uses of image link building
    • Identifying current image assets
    • Creating new image assets
    • Optimizing assets for image search (and theft)
    • Measuring success of your image gallery
    • Finding and tracking image usage at scale
    • Handy things to know
  8. Link building for Ecommerce websites - guest chapter by Brian Dean
    • Link Reclamation
    • Sales and Deals Pages
    • Moving Man Method
    • Suppliers, Retailers and Manufacturer Pages
    • Product Reviews
  9. Introduction to Local Link Building - Guest Chapter by Darren Shaw
    • Local Link Building Strategies
    • 2. Business Associations
    • 3. Leveraging Existing Relationships
    • 4. Donations & Sponsorships
    • 5. Scholarships
    • 6. Event Based Link Building
    • 7. Leveraging Your Jobs Page
  10. Finding influencers and what they love sharing using Buzzsumo - Guest Chapter by Steve Rayson
    • What is an influencer?
    • How to find influencers in your niche
  11. Paid content promotion
    • What we mean by paid content promotion
    • How paid content promotion can help
    • Platforms you can use for paid content promotion
    • How to put your content in front of existing customers
    • How to reach a new, very targeted audience
    • How to put your content in front of journalists and bloggers
    • Additional resources for paid content promotion
  12. Scaling link building
    • Scaling link building post-Penguin
    • What we can scale
  13. Link based penalties
    • The types of penalties
    • How to detect and try to lift a link penalty in 9 steps
    • Link penalty examples and case studies
  14. Link Prospecting & Link Classification with URL Profiler - Guest Chapter by Patrick Hathaway
    • Setting up the tool
    • Link Prospecting & Outreach
    • Unnatural Link Classification using URL Profiler
    • Classifying Links with Domain Metrics Added In
    • Next Steps
    • Exclusive 25% Lifetime Discount
  15. Building a link building team
    • Do you even need a link building team?
    • Hiring link builders
    • Keeping the team motivated
  16. Outsourcing your link building
    • For in-house SEOs - choosing an agency
    • Outsourcing to oDesk
  17. Making link building happen - effecting change
    • Getting close to clients
  18. Social signals and their affect on link building
    • Social signals and link building
  19. The Concept of AuthorRank
    • How AuthorRank and link building fit together
  20. Link building techniques
    • Article submissions
    • Being interviewed
    • Blog commenting
    • Book bait
    • Broken link building
    • Building a tool / app
    • Buying links
    • Buying established blogs / websites
    • Directory submissions
    • Embeddable photos
    • Getting links that your competitors have
    • Getting links from customers
    • Getting links from your copied images
    • Giving discounts / free products away
    • Guest blogging
    • Infographics
    • Industry roundups
    • Interactive infographics
    • Link bait
    • Link exchanges / reciprocal links
    • Link reclamation
    • Link reclamation using video
    • Live blogging an event
    • Monitor for brand mentions without a link
    • Monitor for social shares of your content
    • Pay a leading industry blogger to write for you
    • Press releases
    • Profile pages for people
    • Reviving old, successful content
    • Running a competition
    • Run a conference / meetup
    • Translating content into other languages
    • Wordpress Plugin development
    • Wordpress Theme development
    • Writing testimonials
  21. Quick-fire link building tips
    • Start your prospecting at page 10 of Google
    • Take bloggers to an event
    • Monitor Twitter for PR and Journalist requests
    • Find people using your logo but not linking to you
  22. Link building tools
    • Link analysis
    • Outreach
    • Competitor analysis
    • Browser add-ons
    • Finding link opportunities
  23. Getting more from BuzzStream - Guest Chapter by Stephanie Beadell
  24. Link building case studies from my own experience
    • Case study 1 - Ego bait for links in the garden sector
    • Case study 2 - photos to get links in a very technical, B2B industry
    • Case study 3 - sports related interactive infographic
    • Case study 4 - building links to a microsite
    • Case study 5 - guest blogging in the design industry
    • Case study 6 - link reclamation for a local business
    • Case study 7 - resource page link building for an ecommerce website
    • Other public link building case studies
  25. Link building case study using Kerboo and BuzzStream - Guest Chapter by Gareth Hoyle
    • Link prospecting using Kerboo
    • Exporting prospects to BuzzStream
    • Starting the outreach - the numbers
    • The results
    • What is Kerboo?
    • Integrating Kerboo with other tools
  26. Amazing, curated link building resources
  27. Blogs to follow for link building tips
  28. People to follow on Twitter for link building
  29. Google Webmaster Tools Videos on link building
  30. SEO conferences that include link building sessions
    • SearchLove
    • MozCon
    • SMX
    • SES
    • SAScon
    • PubCon
  31. A-Z Glossary of link building related terms
  32. Conclusion
  33. About Paddy Moogan
  34. Acknowledgements

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